Miron Theodoridis (Mironized) a.k.a. Miron Design is a Graphic Designer & Web Designer / Developer from Greece providing affordable and quality cover artworks, layouts, websites, posters, flyers, merch, logos, symbols and more for the music industry since 2005.

On summer of 2015 Mironized started working an idea about providing the most affordable web solution for bands & musicians, where they can get for FREE a professional dynamic website and a .com domain name, by paying ONLY 49€ / year for the hosting server.

The band SadDoLLs asked to be the first one to get these benefits while this service was in beta. After lot of hard work it completed on summer of 2019 where it's available for every band & musician in the world! For more info on how to get your FREE band / musician website & domain name check the FREE Plus page.


  • Cover Artworks & Layouts
  • Web Design & Development
  • Domains & Hosting (only for websites by Mironized)
  • FREE Website + Domain Name for Bands & Musicians (FREE Plus)
  • Poster / Flyer Design
  • Merch Design
  • Logo / Symbol Design
  • Photo Editing